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Thermo Scientific Laboratory Equipment Parts

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Replacement UV-lamp CHEMI-FILTER 4 PACK B/T HEATER 240V DIST RPO HEATER 120V DIST RPO 12V Alarm Battery
BATTERY, MAIN SYSTEM 3310 HEPA FILTER ASSY Replacement HEPA filter (1 pc) MOTOR 2-POLE 115VAC 50-60 I/R CO2 SENSOR 0 TO20%
CO2 SENSOR PUMP W/COIL RPO-P Chart Recorder, 6" Chart Paper, 6" Refrig (box of 52) GAS LID STAY LEGEND RT

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SKUDescriptionList PriceClearance
43301Screw, Pump$29.15$13.00
059-6004-00SHEET, POROUS$452.00$199.00
307916H01CLIP,SHELF SHORT$8.80$3.75
F05648001VALVE INSERT PAINTED A2$7.90$3.50
SPN103508FRIG/FRZR TEMP CONTRLLR -A-$264.00$113.95
313710G02SERVICE KIT,PEP RETROFIT,208V$186.00$78.46
66922RELAY DOOR INTRLK$217.00$95.50
72838BRACKET, MOUNT, MOTOR$826.61$397.00
77308COIL SOL HOT GAS 12BP(4940AM)$309.41$148.50
143-1009-00 SFP120 MOTOR ASSY$1,133.83$500.58