Thermo Scientific Barnstead Brand Stirrers and Hotplates


Parts for SP131630-33

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If this order is for an out of service unit, please call Service Support at 800-438-4851 to place your order.

719-0073PLATE TOP 10" CERAMICea$214.00
View710-0117PLATE TOP 7" CERAMICea$115.00
View261575FUSE, 10AMP, 5 X 20 MMea$13.26
ViewKBX104KNOB .250 SHAFT W/POINTERea$8.10
ViewKBX103KNOB .250 SHAFT W/LINEea$4.40
ViewJNX38Upper Insulationea$20.00
ViewJNX36Upper Insulationea$2.50
ViewJNX35Lower Insulationea$3.60
ViewFTX34FOOT PUSHIN .219X.875 RPO 3/09ea$2.40
EL1316X3Hot Plate Top Assembly - 220-240Vea$339.00
EL1313X3Hot Plate Top Assembly - 220-240Vea$165.00
DLX279Dial Plateea$2.10
CEX373Power Entry Moduleea$4.50
MT1316X2Motor - 220-240Vea$82.00
MT1313X2Motor - 220-240Vea$64.90
ViewKBX78KNOB 1/4-20 X .5 STUDea$4.60
ELX49Heating Element - 220-240V - w/thermocoupleea$98.90
ViewELX46ELEMENT MICA 7X7 230Vea$64.70
ViewSC1313X1Speed Sensorea$13.70
ViewZSX65AStir Barea$39.40



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If this order is for an out of service unit, please call Service Support at 1-800-438-4851 to place your order.